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Rhinolip TV

Posted Here Are Video's From Previous Buyers/Installers ("RhinoLip'ers") Shared With us & Hosted On Our YouTube Channel. If You'd Like To Make A Video & Have Us Show-Case It Here On RhinoLip TV?, Then Please Contact Us With your Proposal. We Would Be Honoured & Glad To Promo You Or A Friend A RhinoLip Kit As A "Thank You". Contact Us For Details!.

RhinoLip: RhinoLip: A 1/2 Hour Hardware installation: NOT An EZ 3-Step 10-Minute Tape Installation Gimmick. RhinoLip Is Based On & Modelled After The NLA (No Longer Available) OEM LOTuS Hardware Mounted Rubber Chin-Lip. Since 2006, RhinoLip is the Original Preeminent USA Manufactured High-Quality Tough & Durable Long-lasting 4 Composite Rubber Flexible Chin-Lip. RhinoLip Delivers To The Automotive Accessory After-Market A Robust Universally Adaptable Flexible Rubber Chin-Lip Add-on Stance-Enhancing Scuff & Scrape Guard Trim.

RhinoLip Is Often Knock-off Copied & Counterfeited By Cheaper Low-Quality & "Squishy" Chinese, Thailand, & Korean EZ 3-Step Crappy-Tape Installed Types< Single Composite Light-Weight Fluffy Look-a-likes Which Cannot & Do Not Stand Up To Repeated Scrapes Or Scuffs & The Less Than ideal "Tape" Installation.

There are Many Choices Presently On The Market For Flexible Rubber Chin-Lips. Choose the Original, Choose The Best, Choose The Hardware Installed & USA Manufactured RhinoLip.

Nothin's Tougher Than A
GoPro, GoLow;
...& EAT The Street!

(Free Sample Packs Upon Request.)