Shipping, Payment, Returns/Refunds


Shipping Is World-Wide:

USPS Is Usually The Lowest Cost Shipping Service Available Anywhere. Buyers? Choose Wisely!

We Do Not Limit/Restrict Country's Or Locations.

In Some Country's?? The Customs Bureau's & Import Offices Are A Bit Slow & Hard To Contact & Deal With.

We Honour Buyers Choices & USPS Does Not Deliver Your Parcel Unless You're Within The Continental Domestic USA & USA's Various Island Territory's & Locations.

Please, Be Patient With YOUR Country's Bureau Of Imports & Customs As Well As Your Country's Postal Services On Shipping & Processing Times With Regards To National Holiday Delays & Weather Related Issues.

Why? Well, Because! THOSE Services In Your Country Process & Deliver Your Order & Parcel To YOU!.

Not eBay, Not USPS, & Certainly Not The eSeller!.

Thank you!.


We Actually Offer 2 Great Products:

#1). Is The RhinoLipĀ® Bumper-Guard & Not Every-One "Gets" Or Likes It, We Understand That.

#2). Is Our Over-the-Top Customer Service & Support.

If eBuyers Will Simply, Respectfully, & Politely Give Us A Chance?? Hardly Any-One Dislikes Our Product #2.

We Can Resolve Almost ANY Issue Or Concern IF The eBuyer Will Politely, Reasonably & Simply Communicate With Us & Help Us Work Out The Details & Resolution. Please, Contact Us Directly (NOT eBay!) For A Simple No Hassle E-Z Returns & 100% Refunds & Usually @ No Cost For Return Shipping. Just Need To Contact Us (NOT eBay) & Carefully Follow Our Instructions Exactly 100% For The Very Best Results!. We'll Gladly Work With YOU To Resolve Things 100% If You'll Please Work With Us On Matters Of Concern.

Being "Nice" About Any Concern Works Miracles!

Thanks For The Respectful Courtesy & Kind Considerations!.


Payments Processed by Paypal. Don't Have A PayPal Account But Do Have A Credit Or Debit Card?? You Can Still Pay Through Paypal! (Ask For The Screen-Cap Tutorial).

PayPal Accepts Debit Or Credit Cards Without The Buyer Having To Have The Hassle Of A "PayPal" Account!.

We Process & Ship Orders Out 3 X's Each & Every Day. Yes, Even On Sundays!

So: Changed Your Mind Or Purchased By Mistake? Please Don't Delay & Let Us Know Immediately So We Can Cancel Processing!

Would You Like To Use Other Payment Options? Please Contact Us To Easily Arrange A Purchase.

Group-Buys & Multiple Combined Purchases Are Always Welcomed, Just Contact Us For Details & Pricing!

Re-seller/Re-distributorship Inquiries Also Welcomed.

Thank You!