About RhinoLip

Since 2006, RhinoLip is the original preeminent USA manufactured high-quality tough & durable long-lasting 4 composite rubber flexible chin-lip.

RhinoLip is based on & modelled after the NLA (No Longer Available) OEM LOTuS rubber chin-Lip.

RhinoLip delivers to the automotive accessory after-market a robust universally adaptable flexible rubber chin-lip add-on stance-enhancing scuff & scrape guard trim.

RhinoLip: ½ hour proper hardware installation scheme!:

No E-Z 3-step 10-minute tape installation gimmicks.

RhinoLip is often knock-off copied & counterfeited by cheaper low-quality & “squishy” Chinese, Thailand, &/Or Korean E-Z 3-Step “tape” installed type single composite light-weight Knock-Off look-a-likes.

Those Look-a-likes promise a lot but cannot & do not stand up to repeated scrapes or scuffs & the less than ideal “tape” installations? Often fails within a week. There are many choices presently on the market for flexible rubber chin-lips. Please Consider The Choices & Product Carefully! However We Hope You'll Choose the Original, Choose the Best, Choose the hardware installed & USA manufactured RhinoLip!.

RhinoLip: GoPro, GoLow
...& EAT The Street!
(Free Sample Packs Upon Request.)
Nothin's Tougher Than A RhinoLip!